School of Model Confidence from the modeling school School of Model Our graduates become not just models, they successfully conquer the world of fashion, sign contracts with major international agencies, feel free always and everywhere: in travel, study and everyday life Became a Model

We turn dreams into great opportunities

For more than 11 years, on the basis of the Lamaa modeling agency, its own model school has been operating. Such cooperation gives more opportunities for the students of the Lamaa model school to realize themselves and achieve success in their modeling career

Are you dreaming of becoming a model or just learning everything that professional models can do? Whatever goals you set, start by teaching a modeling school. Just choose a course that’s right for your age and sign up for a free trial lesson.

School of models for girls and boys from 17 to 27 years old
Model school for teenagers from 12 to 16 years old
School of models for children from 5 to 11 years old
Online Model School
Gift Certificate for Model School Training

We turn dreams into great opportunities


Expert in teaching

The accumulated experience since 2010 allowed to create a successful training program, which became the basis for creating a modeling career.


Turning dreams into opportunities

Model Agency is an annual presentation of new unique faces to the world of fashion and hundreds of international modeling contracts per year.


We cooperate with the best contests

Regional representative of the various national beauty pageant & Miss & Mr. India contest.


Winner of prestigious crowns

The only agency in India, whose models represented India at the international beauty contests Miss World and Miss Universe.



The office of the Lamaa modeling agency is located in the center of and is the largest link in the network of Indian agencies Lamaa Model Management.

For more than 11 years, the Lamaa model agency has been searching, preparing and promoting models to the Indian and international markets, and is also the organizer of beauty contests and the regional representative of the Miss India contest

Dreaming of becoming a model, but not sure where to start ?

Write to us and we will contact you, listen to your wishes, and on their basis we will offer options for developing a modeling career.